Music. Yoga. Comedy. Space.

Basically all of the things that I care about.

That’s not entirely true, but I think you get my gist. I need this outlet to indulge myself in those things, because I’m finally narrowing my interests down. I feel so adult-ey.

The point is: it’s my site, my writing, my opinions.

My taste is malleable, slippery and deadly like liquid mercury. Too hot to handle, too cold to hold.

There are songs that I cling to and those I detest. But the journey is never-ending.…….

Something you should know about me: Right about when I discovered Goldfrapp (early 2004) is when electronic music started to get interesting to me. Exhibit A:

I will do my best to stay positive around here, but I am 49% vampire, SO….……there may be some macabre. I may, at times, harsh your mellow and for that I sincerely apologize. (I don’t like other vampires and I’m offended by images of my race. No photos and no, I will not lead your youth group’s haunted history tour of the French Quarter. Let’s not mention this again.)

This is how we do things here: I spew my chunky brain nuggets of pop culture gone horribly wrong at you. (You’re welcome.) and you take it, no whining. The end.


SPACE! Yep. I dig it.

EARTH. It’s home. For now.

CATS. And the all the lil’ kittehs.

YOGA. Gettin’ all bendy and strong and shit.

COMEDY. I like laugh.

MUSIC. This is your brain on drugs.

SINGING. Any questions?


DIG DEEPER into the fertile beds of my tropical soundfuckery:

Prog rock.

Alt rock.

Erry kinda rock.







New Wave.

The entire Goth Industrial complex.


More Dub, less Dancehall.

Bossa Nova.





and David Byrne.

Let’s get one thing straight though: I don’t do kirtan. I don’t do it and I don’t dig it. Just because I do beaucoup yoga does not mean obligatory kirtan-liking happens here. No sir. Not around these parts.

Kirtan is basically repackaged Christian contemporary music. It’s just as dry, repetitive and weak, but sung in Sanskrit honoring the Hindu mythology. Same shit.  It gives me hives. Hopefully someone is doing something cool with the harmonium, but kirtan isn’t it.

So, yeah, that’s just a little about me. These days, I do some crazy yoga stuff. I can teach you, but I have to charge.

Take my money.»

Explore the site and see if I don’t win you over with what you shall find to be an impressive arsenal of snark. #anthonybourdain #justbecause